10 Reasons why your next Team Build should be a Treasure Hunt

  • Getting ready for your next Conference or Team Build?
    Looking online there is an exhausting list of activities to choose from when it comes to Team Building events. Whether it is Paintballing, Escape Rooms or Cocktail Making classes, none of them have the perfect balance of the right challenge level, the right location and the right price. Therefore, we have here a list of 10 reasons why your next Team Build must be a Treasure Hunt.

  • 1. Something for Everyone
    Any leader knows that a good team is made up of a mixture of different skill sets. Good communicators, logical thinkers, outside the box thinkers, creative thinkers, problem solvers, delegators, planners and decision makers, timekeepers, navigators, eagled eyed observers and more. Would it surprise you to learn that treasure hunting allows your team to express all of these roles in one activity? From running these events for groups time after time we see groups naturally adopting and adapting these roles to meet the challenge.

    2. Invigorating
    Treasure Hunts are exciting! Nothing is more likely to inspire your team to run around than the prospect of fun challenges, the thrill of competition and the suggestion of treasure! As well as being mentally stimulating your teams will have all the benefits of physical exercise without the health and safety nightmare of dangerous thrill seeking. Our Treasure Hunts last around 2 hours and your teams can be up and active for the whole time (we can also provide you with some rest stops along the way!)

    3. Educational
    Introducing your team to a new location or campus? Our Treasure Hunts are a great way to explore the great unknown, get your bearings and see the sights at the same time. With our easy to follow directions and interactive maps, teams will be guided every step of the way. Even if you are familiar with the town, we at Huntfun specialise in producing Treasure Hunts that are suitable for locals and newcomers alike, even if you had lived in the area all your life, we delight in finding new and hidden sides to a location that they might never have seen.

    4. Stay on Schedule
    Team Building Events are notorious for not running to schedule, but on a day where you really need the timing to be tight. You can count on your Treasure Hunting teams to be back at the finish line in time. All our GPS Hunts have a specific end time programmed in, teams have a clock counting down showing the minutes and seconds left until they have to be at the finish location or lose some of their hard-earned points in penalties. We can even track their GPS locations in real time to make sure they haven't got lost (or gone to the pub!)

    5. Photos and Videos
    Part of the fun of these events is capturing pictures and videos of your team getting stuck in and embracing the activity. These are great material for the company newsletters and social media. It also goes a long way to show that you, who have worked so hard in putting the event together have achieved some serious results. With our treasure hunting photo and video challenges we collect in all the media from our managed events and deliver them to your inbox the next working day.

    6. Locations
    Location, Location, Location. Too many activities are stuck way out in the middle of nowhere and transport costs are going to take a chunk out of a budget you would much rather see spent treating your team. At Huntfun we understand that your requirements come first. We have treasure hunts in every major city centre in England, Scotland and Wales. Have your own venue in mind? No problem, we can create a GPS hunt anywhere you like at short notice, you can even make your own hunt using our Anywhere Hunts.

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    7. Competition
    The Game is afoot! The clock is ticking and your teams have their objective. We love seeing your teams getting into the spirit of the Hunt, and seeing that familiar smile come across their faces when they discover the layers of strategy that they can use to out fox their opponents. We have our own unique 'Virtual Weapons' system as part of our GPS hunts where teams can interact with other nearby teams to steal points. This free option adds a whole extra layer of competition to the game and we highly recommend it. Teams can be armed with Custard Pies and Umbrellas or Pistols and Bullet Proof Vests.

    8. Themes
    Each of our GPS Hunts comes with a mixture of Location specific questions (which can only be solved by searching the streets around you) and Trivia Questions and Photo Challenges based on the theme of the hunt. Our current themes include Spy Mission, Pirates Ahoy, Science & Technology, 80s Retro, Magic Spells and Sports4all. We can cater to all different styles of event, we can even come up with something specifically for you (see below)

    9. Custom/Bespoke
    Have something special in mind? We can absolutely work to make it happen. With our custom hunts we can play around with almost everything to make the Treasure Hunt which suits your team perfectly. We can insert custom questions, answers, hints, locations, pictures, puzzles, maps, starting locations, end locations, logos, hidden words, mystery clues, points and prizes. Come to us with your ideas and we can talk through what we can do to make it happen.

    10.Peace of Mind
    My personal favourite, during a hectic team build or conference what you really want is peace of mind that everything is going to go to plan. With a Managed Event we take care of everything, you can leave it to us and join in! Yes, the fun is for you too! Get stuck in with the team and get Treasure Hunting!

    We hope that these 10 reasons are enough to show you that your next event has to be a Huntfun Treasure hunt.


    posted 5th February 2019, by Peter