Buy your Masham Parties & Occasions Treasure Hunt

Do you want to take part in the treasure hunt or maybe you just don't fancy the work involved in organising and running a DIY package? Then our managed package could be just the ticket! Working with your needs our events team will put together a package that's just right for you and one of our facilitators will run the entire treasure hunt on the day leaving you free to relax and enjoy the fun and games!

Our facilitators are local people who have a good knowledge of Masham and who are skilled in organising groups.

On the day our facilitator will provide you with your treasure hunt packs, brief the teams and set you off, meeting you at the end of the hunt to mark the answers and award certificates etc.

Bespoke Treasure Hunts start from £600.00 plus VAT.

If you would like a hunt writing somewhere we haven't yet visited or maybe you would like a specific start or finish point, maybe to work with other plans you have for the day, then we are happy to look at writing a bespoke hunt route just for you!

A bespoke hunt can then be run, by you, as a DIY package. If you would also like your bespoke hunt managed then please contact us for a bespoke plus managed quote.

Call Jayne or Millie now on 01904 410975 to check availability and for a free quotation

Or contact us by email If you provide your telephone number we will happily call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.

Our managed hunt packages start from £579.00 plus VAT

Choose your Parties & Occasions Masham treasure hunt package

Printed Hunt

One printed hunt pack contains everything you need (for up to 20 participants in 5 teams of 4) you get maps, clues, directions, extra scavenger tasks and a separate sheet with the answers and suggestions for organising your hunt. We usually send your printed hunt booklets out the same or the next working day.

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Download Hunt

The quick option as your links are available to download immediately and containing everything you need including a map, directions, clues and the answers. Great if you are looking for something to do today or need them before the post arrives! Once you have the links simply print the hunt onto A4 paper or view on a smart phone, ipad, Amazon kindle etc

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Personalised Hunt

Our personalised treasure hunts are great for all occasions including Holidays, Events, Trips or just to make your day out extra special! To make it even more personal why not consider our PLUS4 version where we also add 4 extra pages with 4 pictures and 4 clues that you have given us to add! See what your personalisation will look like below and do contact us for more details!

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Managed / Bespoke Hunt

We can help you plan your entire treasure hunt! On the day a member of our team can brief and set off the teams, mark the answers at the end and award certificates etc. Looking for a hunt around a location we have not yet visited, slightly different to the route we currently have or maybe to suite a start and finish point of your choice? We can write bespoke hunt routes just for you. Contact us for a chat and a free no obligation quote today.

GPS Hunt

GPS Treasure Hunts are designed to work on smartphones and tablets and contain everything you need including an interactive map, clues and the answers, which are checked and marked as you submit them. Check that your phone/tablet is compatible before you purchase your hunt. You can have more than one team competing Do NOT forget to check that all the phones and tablets that are to be used are compatible before you purchase your hunt.

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In more detail:

When you buy one of our printed Masham treasure hunts this is what you get...

5 A5 treasure hunt booklets, which is sufficient for up to 20 participants (working in 5 teams of 4) to do the Leeds hunt. You can purchase extra treasure hunt booklets for smaller teams or a larger group. (please note, as a team building activity we recommend no fewer than 3 and no more than 5 in a team.) Each Leeds hunt booklet has a space for the team name, a map, directions, clues and additional scavenger tasks. A separate sheet is supplied with the answers and some suggestions on organising your hunt! click here to see suggestions for organising your hunt. Have you had a look at our sample hunt? This is what a hunt looks like and what we print into an A5 booklet.

Our standard version Leeds hen or stag treasure hunt booklets are printed in full colour and each booklet is supplied with a free huntfun pen.

Our Budget version Leeds hen or stag treasure hunt booklets have a colour outer and the insides are printed in black and white.

When you buy one of our downloadable Masham treasure hunts this is what you get...

PDF files containing your Masham treasure hunt, which can be printed onto A4 paper or viewed on a smart phone. (Please note the download versions, when viewed on a smartphone, are not interactive and you will need a pen and paper to write the answers on and a printed copy of the answers to do the marking at the end)

When you come to the 'confirmation of payment page' there will be a button which says 'click here to get your invoice and any download links' This will take you to a page containing the links you need to click on. We will also send the same links to the email address provided. Downloadable treasure hunts are ideal if you are looking for things to do today and you can't wait for the post!

When you buy one of our personalised Masham treasure hunts this is what you get...

A full colour A5 printed Masham treasure hunt booklet which contains everything you need to do the treasure hunt including a map, directions, clues and the answers, (just like in all our hunt booklets) and we also add a personalised message on the cover for you too.

You can add anything you like some popular ones are:-

Happy Christmas Emily Love Nanny & Grandad Sam and Sally's Day out
Happy Birthday Helen
Happy Fathers Day Dad
Claire and Tom's Easter Treasure Hunt
The Carter families' day out exploring
Emilie's Halloween Treasure Hunt

When you buy one of our personalised PLUS4 Masham treasure hunts this is what you get...

A full colour Masham treasure hunt booklet with everything you need to go off hunting including a map, directions, clues and the answers, (just like in all our hunt booklets), with a personalised message on the front AND 4 extra pages with 4 clues and pictures you have sent to us to add! We also add the answers to the answer sheet. Do get in touch if you would like to have a chat about this option.

Our Masham treasure hunts - what are they all about?

You are told where to start your treasure hunt, given simple directions to follow and a map of the area. In between directions you have things to hunt for by simply looking around on buildings, plaques, signs and statues etc. They are not a race and once you have your treasure hunt you are free to do it whenever you like.

When you have completed your treasure hunt why not mark the answers while having a cup of tea, an ice cream or how about a picnic on a sunny day :0) and if you visit the members area on our website you can personalize and print your very own huntfun certificates. (There is no actual treasure at the end by the way sorry!)

Wheelchair access.

The route is passable but there are some steps on the route which descend into the park. It is possible to avoid these by taking the ramp which takes a slightly longer route to the bottom of the hill where it rejoins our route. The ramp is quite steep at its start.

Buggy Friendly?

Buggies and prams will be fine if there is someone to help lifting up and down any steps but do have a look at the wheelchair notes too!

The Small Print

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