x Technical requirements

Technical Requirements for DIY Hunts,
(we look after everything for Managed hunts)

For the application to work properly it is VITAL that you use suitable equipment.

You need Smartphones/Tablets which are equipped with:

  • An inbuilt GPS system -With Location Services turned on and set to high accuracy mode
  • A touchscreen
  • Mobile internet (via a sim card not just WiFi)
  • Email or SMS
  • A mobile signal in the area you intend hunting around
  • A fully charged battery

In addition you will need to agree to share your location.

To make sure you have a trouble free hunt, we strongly recommend that you test all the devices you intend to use on the day by trying our sample GPS hunt on each device. Please ensure you complete all 4 clues although it is not necessary to get all the answers right.


When testing the devices you are using for the hunt - we reccomend you register each one for the huntfun GPS Guarantee! We are so confident of our product that we will give you a full refund of your purchase price if you cannot, because of a technical issue, complete the hunt on a device that you have tested successfully and signed up for the huntfun GPS Guarantee.

To claim under the guarantee, just let us know:

  • Your invoice number
  • The email address registered for any device(s) that did not work
  • The make and model number of the device
  • The mobile network used

If you are having problems then see our Frequently Asked Questions