Around the World and Video Conference
Treasure Hunts

Introducing around the world, our fully interactive Virtual treasure hunt

Perfect for a morning or afternoon activity, our Around the World treasure hunts are ideal if you do not want to venture outside or would prefer to host over video conferencing.

Your Around The World indoor treasure hunt will include -

  • A fully interactive map of the world, where you can access themed clues to answer and fun challenges to complete.
  • A real time scoreboard, so you can see how you and all the other teams are doing at any time!
  • All props/ handouts required for your indoor event.

Your Around the World virtual treasure hunt does not include the venue. You will need to organise an appropriate venue before your treasure hunt.

Your Around the World Video Conference treasure hunt does not include Video Conferencing software. You will need to select your own from the platforms available with 'screen sharing' capability for each team.

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    for a group of 6 or more
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    from£9.00 + VAT per pers.
    for a group of 6 or more
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Introducing our Indoor Treasure Hunt "Around the World" which is available as either the Standard Indoor version, Video Conference or Christmas version. Around The World is an Indoor Team Building Exercise. With effortless organisation Around the World is suitable for an unlimited group size. Around the World treasure hunts contain everything you need for a fun indoor or online team build including an interactive map, clues and the answers, which are checked and marked as you submit them.

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Managed around the world Hunt

Let us do all the organising for you so you can relax and join in the fun too! We will organise the hunt for you, fitting it around any plans you have around the hunt, turn up on the day with a Pre Loaded Samsung Device for each team to use (and all the other bits too), award certificates at the end and in general ensure everyone has a great time!

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GPS hunts are prepared just for you and contain everything you need including an interactive map, clues and the answers, which are checked and marked as you submit them. You will have more than one team competing, just select the number of participants when you order. Your organiser can set the start and finish points and set the countdown clock to finish at their chosen time. You can check how the other teams are getting on at any time as you do the hunt!

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Printed Hunt

One printed hunt pack contains everything you need (for up to 20 participants in 5 teams of 4) you get maps, clues, directions, extra scavenger tasks and a separate sheet with the answers and suggestions for organising your hunt. We usually send your printed hunt booklets out the same or the next working day.

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Around the World treasure hunt features questions from:

  • england

    Great Britain

  • france


  • italy


  • india


  • america


More about our Around the World treasure hunt...

This treasure hunt is an ideal indoor team building activity, perfect for those wet, cold and windy days!

Around the World is available as either a self run or a fully managed event. Using iphones, ipads, android phones or tablets as your tools, your task is to virtually navigate to each country/ location in your treasure hunt, access the huntfun hotspots and answer as many clues as possible. Working with your wanderlusting team mates, you will have a range of clues to answer, challenges to complete and bonus tasks to carry out.

The aim, of our Around the World corporate team building treasure hunt, is to score as many ’points’ as possible in the allocated time having loads of fun on the way.The clock is ticking too so you are not just competing against the other teams you have to beat the clock too!

If you have any questions then see our Frequently Asked Questions.
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We did the corporate team building treasure hunt on Saturday in Canterbury, it was really really goo...


In more detail:

Although we don't want to give too much away, and spoil the fun, here is a bit more information!...

Our fully-interactive Around the World treasure hunt is perfect for a team building event and an indoor activity. A great way to get everybody working together for a couple of hours with a healthy dose of good old fashioned competitive fun thrown in for good measure!
All our corporate team building treasure hunts are designed to encourage:

  • - team work
  • - creative and lateral thinking
  • - strategic planning

What it's all about...

Using your device as your virtual passport, teams will travel the world without even having to leave the room!

Navigating their way to the ’huntfun hotspots’ where challenges including clues to answer,tasks and activities to be completed, can be accessed. Teams will be awarded ’points’ for correctly completing the challenges set. Scores are calculated real time so you are able to see how you and the other teams are doing throughout the hunt.

The aim of our Around the World treasure hunt is to gain as many ’points’ as possible in the allocated time. You will earn bonus ’points’ for compelting your hunt early and penalties will be incurred if you are late! Strategy and team work are key in planning your activities to ensure you get as many ’points’ as possible. If you access a hint only half the ’points’ available will be awarded!

Self Managed or Fully Managed...

Starting at just £9.00 plus VAT per person, if you're on a budget, our Around the World Self Managed corporate team building treasure hunt is perfect for you.

We send you links containing everything you need to run your Around the World corporate treasure hunt, including;

  • - Full instructions so the organiser can personalise and set up the hunt ready for use.
  • - Team Handout sheet- which you can print off for 1 per team. These explain to the teams what they will be doing.
  • - Organsier link- Here you can edit certain details of your treasure hunt, such as the end date and time, the start and end location. Most importantly, on this link you can enter in the email address for each team leader, and forward them their Around the World treasure hunt links, so that they can access them on the day!
  • - Around the World table handouts- these are the props required for some challenges of the event, and full instructions are provide too so that you have everything that you need.
  • - Around the World table names- This includes 6 sheets of A4 containing a name, which needs to be printed and placed one per table. If your venue does not have 6 tables, you can always double 2 sheets to one table.
    For certain challenges included with your activity, teams will need to physically go to certain locations situated on tables. Where they can find the props required for the challenge.

Each team will need a fully charged device to run the GPS hunt on, this can be an android device running operating system 4.0 or above and iphone/ipads using iOS 4.3 or greater.
As a team building activity you need at least 3 participants, and we recommend no more than 4, in a team.
You can have as many teams as you like.
You can decide your start and finish locations. Venues to carry out your activity are not included, and so you will need to arrange this prior to your Around the World treasure hunt.

Answers are marked real time and teams can see how they and competing teams are doing as they go and you can check the scores at the end and announce the winning team.

Fully Managed from just £45.00 plus VAT per participant...

We take care of everything!
We organise your Around the World corporate team building treasure hunt to meet your requirements working alongside anything else you may have planned for the day.

The venue is not included and you would need to book your venue before your event.

We turn up on the day and run everything for you ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible and most importantly we leave you free to enjoy your Around the World Corporate team building GPS hunt with the rest of your colleagues.

We provide pre loaded Samsung devices for each team to use while doing the treasure hunt, provide all the hand-outs, explain to the teams how the treasure hunt works and set them all off hunting.

We check final scores at the end awarding certificates to the winning team.

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